Sunday, January 5, 2014

Symbols of Canada - Part 3 - Snow & Cold

While Canada is full of massive landscapes, ocean coast lines, a diverse and vibrant culture and bunch of epic cities, what is the first (idiotic) thing that people (from somewhere else) ask when they meet you?  “Do you live in igloos?”  "How do you survive in all that snow and cold?”  I could list other, even dumber questions, but I won’t pain your brain by doing so.

Symbol #3 - Snow and Cold

The fact of the matter is, we live in an extreme northern climate, the main exception being the populated part of British Columbia (I'll give some some of the sissy spots in Ontario a break on this one, since they get winter).  They (BC) are punished for the soft weather by having a CFL team that has to dress in a horrid shade of orange...  Deep breath...  Moving on.

We have snow.  We have cold.  Usually together.  We are known for it.  Do we kick butt at the Summer Olympics?  No, we do not.  We dominate the winter sports.  As we should, since our winter can run for 6-8 months of the year.  Our winters give us bragging rights.  Or at least some significant shock factor when addressing those from softer climes.

Winter's beauty

Snow, cold, winter = Canadian
Much like the snowflake, our winters are unique
Be cold.  Be proud.  Be Canadian.

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